About Me

Well, firstly, welcome to the blog of my 365 project on analogue photography! Perhaps you are wondering how this project came about? Well the short version is that last year I started to fall into a rut with my digital work and only took out my cameras when travelling. As I got increasingly into analogue photography I noticed I was enjoying myself a lot more and was even taking photos during my daily commute. To ensure that the photos didn’t just sit around gathering real or virtual dust, I decided to start this blog to share my photos with the world and keep my motivation burning.

Oh, yes, you are right, this is an “About Me” page, so I should probably introduce myself as well! Hi, my name is Brad and I am an Australian who is currently living and working in Switzerland. The last almost 10 years in Europe have been a big adventure for me and so I decided to take up photography in order to share my experiences. Since those early beginnings almost five years ago, photography for me has turned from something I would do occasionally to my undisputed passion. It is also now less about showing the world as it is and more about telling a story or creating a feeling and I hope that comes across in my images.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my world, I hope that you enjoy your stay!