A 365 analogue photography project

The final curtain

369.5/366 Well hello there once again. I seem to be doing a number of not quite last posts for this 365 project of mine, don’t I?Well, this time it is definitely the last one.Early last week I set myself a challenge of making a self portrait and going through the entire process in one day. […]

Thank you and good night

369/366 Well, here we are, the end of my 365+ project on analogue photography. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on my journey, I hope you got as much enjoyment out of viewing my images as I did making them. It was a tough project, with a lot of work involved, but I […]

The white river pt. II

368/366 On the hike through Lauterbrunnen valley I decided to load some slide film into the X-Pan, ostensibly to capture the colour of the stone in the valley walls. The flat, dull and rainy conditions were both a blessing and a curse – contrast was low, meaning getting the exposure right was easy, but the […]

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