The final curtain

369.5/366 Well hello there once again. I seem to be doing a number of not quite last posts for this 365 project of mine, don’t I?
Well, this time it is definitely the last one.
Early last week I set myself a challenge of making a self portrait and going through the entire process in one day. That meant exposing the negative, developing it, scanning it, spotting it, post processing it and preparing the post for publication all in one day. I am sure glad that I didn’t have to do that for every day of this project!
But what better way to finish off the project with a large format self portrait.
Thank you all for indulging me this one last time.
I’ll see you again soon, I hope. Until then, may 2021 treat you well!
All the best,

All dressed up and nowhere to go
Bergger Pancro 400, Wista Field 4×5, Ars-Imago FD

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