Lovely view/Mistake #34

34/366 For my birthday last year we finally made the trip down to Zermatt and went hiking in the beautiful weather. I photographed primarily with a digital camera, and have previously posted these photos on my main blog Valley of Stars (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5). I did, however, take a film camera with me as well, a Hasselblad X-Pan for some panorama goodness. For the five lake hike I loaded it with my last roll of the alpha batch of P30 by Film Ferrania, which is a monochrome film that I adore. Imagine then my frustration then, when without thinking I opened the developing tank to pour in the developer instead of just pouring it in the top like normal! I realised my mistake quickly enough to save some of the photos, but all were affected significantly and now wear the effects of my stupidity like a white haze.
Given a lot of social media is about pretending that one’s amazing is actually standard, I thought I would spend this week posting some of my mistakes. Some of the ‘could have beens’.

Hasselblad X-Pan with 45 mm f4 lens on Film Ferrania P30

2 thoughts on “Lovely view/Mistake #34

  1. This fogged foreground might just as well qualify as weather 😉 Anyway, one of the most charming things about taking pictures the analog way, IMHO, is the opportunity to make lots of mistakes, some of which turn out as accidental art…

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