Acropolis view

55/366 Late last year work offered me the chance to attend an important meeting in Athens and having never been before, I jumped at the chance. Instead of just going for work, I decided add on a few days and spend my last holidays for the year exploring Athens’ sunny streets. Figuring that I mostly would be photographing ancient ruins, I decided that I would bring along my oldest camera, a Rolleicord va from 1955. Far from being limiting, I found it extremely liberating. I thought more about my compositions and because I was not able to see the results straight away, it took away any anxiety I had about making perfect photos. Ideal for the relaxation that I needed.
I had this view from the terrace of the Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel, which was amazing and quite easily my favourite hotel from my stay in Athens. The Acropolis view was as spectacular as promised and much better than the subsequent hotel…

Rolleicord va on Kodak Portra 160 NC

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