81/366 While walking around searching for images it was almost as if I had music playing in my head. The visual compositions felt akin to harmonies, which I attempted to conduct – long drawn out notes represented by the curving hills and short staccato from the occasional tree.

Rolleicord va on Kodak Tmax 100

2 thoughts on “Counterpoint

  1. Another brilliant composition! Just wondering: Did you feel tempted to add drama to the clouds by some gradual burning? This would probably have been my first thought, but it’s probably even stronger as it is, being divided in all-dark and all-bright.

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    1. Thanks chw! I like this one a lot as well, for what I see as its ‘musical nature’.
      Burning and bringing down the sky did cross my mind, but I ended up deciding against it for the meantime. I think it was for two main reasons; firstly as I though that it might distract from the main harmony of the image, the ground is also very dark and only shows a small amount of detail and so I wanted to keep it similar, but opposite for the sky. The second main reason was that after doing some PS work to remove some distracting posts in ‘Under leaden skies’ I felt that I wanted to leave this image as original as possible and encourage myself to get things right in camera. πŸ™‚
      I might revisit the image and see what it looks like with a more dramatic sky, but for the moment I am happy with the soft and gentle version that I have presented here. πŸ™‚


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