Rolling with the rhythm

330/366 Once up in the valley the going got easier and I was able to catch my breath and focus more on the photography. Surrounded with beautiful nature on all sides, there were subjects aplenty and the inspiration began to flow.
Now, it can be often difficult to find strong photographs when one is surrounded by beauty and it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to fit too much into the frame. When I am fully present and concentrating, good compositions seem to activate the ‘musical part’ of my brain. Here the sweep of the hills, crash of the waterfall and play of the shadows on the trees combine to a melody that I enjoy greatly.

Ilford HP5+, Hasselblad X-Pan with 45 mm lens and red filter, Ars-Imago R9 (rodinal) 1:99 semi-stand

2 thoughts on “Rolling with the rhythm

  1. I also like this composition a lot. The waterfall to the left gets a strong presence, while to the right, there’s a promise of even more beauty, and the central arc seems just made for the wide frame… splendid!

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