The other side of Autumn pt. 2

354/366 As the colours became more brilliant I found it harder and harder to get out to photograph. So when I did get out I made sure to photograph as much of the forest as I could. Late in the afternoon not a lot of light falls in this part of the forest during the Autumn, but I tried to make the most of what was there. This year I’ve really learned to love photographing in the forest and am thankful for all the time I’ve been able to spend there.

Fujifilm Provia 100F, unknown camera and lens, Fujifilm Switzerland

2 thoughts on “The other side of Autumn pt. 2

    1. Haha it wasn’t so much that I was using an unknown camera, more that I forgot which camera I had taken with me on that particular outing… Although I only really use two, the M6 and Konica T3, so I would have had a 50% chance of being right had I simply guessed… 🙂


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