Luck expired

357/366 One of the reasons that I was able to shoot so many different film stocks this year is that I was able to purchase a lot of (sometimes long) expired film off of a couple retired photographers. This has mostly been a great boon for me; I got the film cheaply, much of it is no longer available on the market and I got to meet and learn from some lovely elderly gentlemen.
The film itself has been almost as good as new in most cases as it had been stored in the freezer, but this time my luck had at least partly run out. To be fair, I knew long before I loaded the film into the camera that it hadn’t been stored as well as the other rolls I’d shot. I still had hope, however, due to the good experience I had made thus far and I couldn’t resist trying out 400 speed slide film in the dark forest. So I shot it as normal and didn’t think much more about it.
When I finally got the slides back from the lab they looked fine over the light box, but after scanning some issues became clear. There was a heavy fog over the images compared to my other slide film shots and the colours were tinted towards blue. I’ve done my best to recover some of the images in the digital darkroom, of which my favourites are shown below. Knowing the character of the expired film now, I have been thinking of ways to use it to its strengths in a project of sorts. No plans yet, but I’ll keep working on it…

Ektachrome 400 (expired), Konica Autoreflex T3 with 57 mm f1.4 lens, developed by Fujifilm Switzerland

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